Week One Reflections – Mini Post

As our first week of homeschooling comes to a close, I thought that I would take a moment to reflect and share some of our experiences with you. We began this week’s curriculum as planned and ended our week by attending our first field trip of the school year. The week was busy and full of engaging learning activities. I am so proud of my daughter. She approached the challenges in each subject openly, and her perseverance was very impressive. Kudos to my daughter for having a very successful and productive week! 🙂

Seeking information

We began studying insects this week in Science. To kick off the school year, we decided to begin observing the life cycles of butterflies. Our live larvae cultures have arrived and are doing well. We have a total of six larvae, and we hope that they develop into healthy adult butterflies. Take a look at our butterfly exhibit.

Butterfly Station – Butterfly Habitat and Live Larvae Cultures
Day 1 – Live Larvae Cultures
Day 6 – Larvae Forming Chrysalises
Day 13 – Adult Butterfly in Butterfly Habitat

We went on a field trip to the River Road African-American Museum. Our tour guide, Melanie, was terrific. The tour was very engaging, Ms. Melanie provided us with a detailed explanation of each exhibit. We developed an incredible connection with Ms. Melanie, and we look forward to having more educational experiences with her in the future. Thank you for teaching us about our history and culture Ms. Melanie!

IMG_6400 (Edited)
Tour at River Road African-American Museum

Happy homeschooling everyone! Tell me about your homeschooling experiences in the comments!

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  1. I wish you and your daughter all the best in this exciting new adventure.
    I am, unfortunately, way too ancient to know anyone of such a tender age!
    Thank you for visiting Sound Bite Fiction.

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