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Welcome to the Caramel and Chocolate Homeschoolers ™, LLC (CCH) webpage. I want to take a moment to thank you for visiting, and I hope that you will continue to visit our website in the future. Caramel and Chocolate Homeschoolers™, LLC offers homeschool consulting, standardized testing, webinars, and private homeschooling services to facilitate successful homeschool experiences. Webinar information can be found embedded on our Blog as well as on our Connect With Us! and Educational Webinars pages.

Our mission is to change lives, inspire, and motivate homeschooling families through the power of education. Homeschooling is an exciting path that many families are pursuing to become immensely involved in their children’s learning experience and develop deeper parent-child relationships.

Caramel and Chocolate Homeschoolers™, LLC began as a shared vision that was inspired by my daughter. We wanted to share our experiences related to homeschooling as well as learn and teach others about our culture and heritage. During our own experiences, we found that although an increasing number of African-Americans were choosing to homeschool, the homeschool community still lacked diversity, and there was a minimal amount of time spent on teaching about African-American history and culture within the co-op groups. It was challenging to find fellow African-American families and Co-Operative groups who homeschooled in our area. Many times my daughter was either the only African-American or one of two African-Americans in the many homeschool groups to which she was a member. We ultimately decided to strive for a positive change and contribution to the African-American community as well as the homeschooling community as a whole. After some time and a considerable amount of thought, I created the CCH co-op group, which was soon followed by the establishment of CCH, LLC.

Since its establishment in 2018, Caramel and Chocolate Homeschoolers™, LLC has now become part of a broader vision that promotes collective growth within African-American communities. As Caramel and Chocolate Homeschoolers™, LLC continues to grow, percentages of revenue is reinvested into the company to assist with the creation of programs and resources designed to help families within communities that are plagued with disparities and lack adequate access to resources. Our broader mission is one that is welcomed, and it is foreseen that we will continue to embrace this mission for many years to come.

Chocolate Homeschoolers™ Co-Operative Learning Group was established to support homeschooling families who share an interest in learning about African-American history and culture. To inquire about joining the CCH co-op group, please fill out the form located on the Connect With Us! page.


Disclaimer: Caramel and Chocolate Homeschoolers™, LLC (CCH) offers services to assist homeschooling families. Caramel and Chocolate Homeschoolers™, LLC is not a homeschool, but we do have a co-operative learning group that all are invited to join. For more information about the services we provide, or if you have questions about our co-op group, please click HERE.

The link to our Co-Op group is below. If your homeschooling family is located in Louisiana, I encourage you to join us!

Caramel and Chocolate Homeschoolers Co-Op Group


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