Evening Reflections…

The decision to homeschool was not an easy decision to make. When the time came to withdraw my daughter from the public school system, I had convinced myself that I was prepared to take on the challenge. But, was I really? I thought I was.

Did I know then that it would consume me as it has done?

Did I know that it would become my first love, even over my established yet growing career?

What on Earth made me think that I could homeschool, attend graduate school, and work at the same time?

Truthfully, I knew that I would have to squeeze homeschooling into an already jam-packed schedule. But, I had no idea that homeschooling would take over my life. Do I care? No, because my daughter and I are having a blast!


If I had the opportunity to do nothing except homeschool my daughter (and my son if he chose), then I absolutely would. For now, however, I am satisfied that I have been blessed with the opportunity that I have been given.

I’ll mention at this point in time that I am a nurse who loves her clients and her profession. However, I love homeschooling more. I had no idea that I would have my own co-op group and homeschooling blog five weeks after beginning this endeavor.

I made a choice to homeschool because my daughter needed my help. Period. Anything else going on in my life is second to the needs of my children. As a Christian, I know and believe that God will work everything else out.


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  1. Amazing juggling a career, continuing to advance your own education, educating your children and starting a co-op! Best wishes and pace yourself! It is very easy to get burned out ! You are an awesome mama!

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